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Who does not want to secure future? This approach is especially important because life is highly unpredictable. You never know how life will treat you when you age and cease to be professionally active anymore.

Thus, making investment is the best strategy for making your old age financially secured.

However, when you have to think of investment options, the financial leaders of the industry will always insist that you think of property above anything else.

Now you may be curious to know why property is the most recommended investment option above anything else.

So, here are the reasons that will make you think seriously about it.

  • Immune against fluctuations

If you invest in gold, you never know when the prices will fall.

In case you consider investing in the stock market, it is highly unpredictable.  Therefore, while you can become a millionaire within your stipulated time, no body can tell when you become a pauper in the next moment.

But when you invest in property, you can be certain that your money will remain fairly resistant against uncertainties.

On an average, the property prices go high. At the most, the property prices stagnate in most unfortunate situations. But it never ever goes down.

Hence, when you search How to buy flats in sector 107 noida and finalise a deal by making the investment, you can be rest assured that your money will remain safe.


  • There is no depreciation cost


Before understanding that property does not have any depreciation, you need to be aware of this term.

Depreciation actually means that investments made in certain areas incur depression cost.  For instance, if you invest in a high priced car then you have to be simultaneously sure that it will not yield higher returns.

As a matter of fact, you will not get returns that is somewhere near to the initial capital you have invested in buying the car.  This means investing in a car incurs depreciation cost.

But nothing of that sort will occur when you invest in property. This area of investment comes with appreciation cost.

This means, you can always expect that you will have greater returns in respect to the initial investment that you made.


  • Consider as a source of income


There is more to property investment than the process of earning interest against the investment that you make.

Let us be a bit elaborate this aspect.

When you invest in stocks, you can only expect to earn a lumpsum amount when you sell off. The same thing applies for gold too where you only gain when you sell off your holding.

However, the case is completely different for property investment. This is because you can always diversify your income options for short term and long term.

In case of short term income, you can rent off your property and earn consistent and stable income.  In case of long term returns, you can make hefty income when you finally sell it off. 

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