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Are you searching for your own home where you can live happily with your family? 

We believe that when you ask your real estate agent that Show me the apartments in sector 107 Noida or elsewhere, you generally specify parameters like privacy, carpet area, security, and all such things.

But can you ever imagine that a peaceful home might be on top of a tree or do not have walls at all.  Here are some queer homes that will really make you surprised. So, watch out!

  • Transparent house of Tokyo, Japan

If you go to Japan, never forget to take time to visit Tokyo for taking a look at the transparent house.

Inspired by the tree house that had been our dream home in our childhood, this transparent house has few storeys in it too.

While you will get plenty of sunlight in this transparent home, you cannot simultaneously expect any privacy.


  • Skateboard house of Malibu, California

 If you love sports, this house is definitely going to be an inspiration for you. It is one of the amazing visual splendours of Malibu, California.

The maker of this house had been an ace skater in his professional career. This has inspired him to build a house which has the look of a skate board. This is the brainchild of Pierre Andre Senizergues.

Doesn’t this idea amuse you now that the residents can happily witness their kids skating around when they chat over a cup of coffee?


  • Keret House, Poland

 The Keret House of Poland is a specimen of the level of intelligence someone could out for making optimum use of urban space so that space constraint  can be effective handled.

This house has been built by Jakub Szczęsny who is the single resident of this slimmest house of the world which is of 152 centimetres width.

Another amazing aspect connected to this house is that it has been built in the small space that is usually available between two buildings.

Now you can very well guess that this fully luxurious single occupancy home occupies very less space.

  • Brooklyn Clock Tower Home of New York

 Have you ever lived inside a Penthouse? While, the penthouse that we are talking about now is definitely different from that of a usual penthouse.

This is because it is a highly expensive one where you have to spend $18 million a day for a single night stay.

Now you may be inquisitive to know what is so great about this house which makes one night stay so costly.

Well, the first thing is its position over the Brooklyn's Clock Tower which lets you take an all round view of the New York City. Second is its expansive area which ranges over 7000 square feet.

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