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If you are planning to buy a new property and relocate into it as your own home, do not think that it is an overnight task. Be prepared to face the reality that you have to spend at least few years

Here is a timeline of what you will do and how you will proceed from finding a property to relocating into it.

So, read ahead to know in details.


  • Timeline 1:  The beginning

The first task in your timeline will be to find the perfect real estate agent who understands your requirements well and maintains transparency with you.

On your part, you have to inform the real estate agent that he needs to find out and tell you Which is the best real estate in Noida sector 107 or any other place of your preference.

  • Timeline 2: Search begins

At this stage of your property search, the real search shall begin.

The real estate agent will take into account all the parameters specified by you like location, area coverage, price, amenities available, and various such details, and initiate your search.  

  • Timeline 3: Your considerations to be sought

Now your real estate agent will be able to find out very properties that comply with your set parameters.  

Consequently, he will keep on informing him about these searches and will expect that you go and personally visit those properties.

  • Timeline 4: You will make personal visits

At this stage, you would really feel that you must go and visit some properties that really sound lucrative.

So, you will start making plans, visit some properties and then streamline few properties that appeal to you.

  • Timeline 5: Talking to sellers

Now you will be instructed by the real estate agent to talk to the sellers of each of the streamlined properties and finalize the deal.

You will thus follow the advice of your real estate agent and conduct elaborate discussion with the sellers regarding aspects like the prices they are demanding, payment modes they would prefer and the time by when you would be handed over the property.

All these queries will be cleared at this stage.

  • Timeline 6:  Fund related processes start

This is the stage when you will have to make arrangements of the money that you need to pay for buying the property.

While some people gave personal savings for this, majority of the homeowners seek for home loans from registered banks.

  • Timeline 7: Talks with bank

During this stage, homeowners who intend to get bank loans for buying their property talk to their chosen banks, get all the information related to the rules, regulations and criteria that need to be met for getting the loans and understand exactly what amount the bank can actually provide.

Since the bank is not going to provide you full finance, so you have to add your personal savings too for meeting the price tag of your property.

When everything is ready, you relocate.

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