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Are you thinking of investing in property?  We must appreciate your decision because this is only one sector that is totally immune against adverse situations like climatic upheaval or any financial topsy turvy.

We will additionally inform you to invest in a 3BHK apartment and ask your real estate agent Show me 3 BHK Residential Apartment in Sector-107 Noida or any other area of your preference.

Now you may be inquisitive to know the specific reason behind this suggestion when you have a small family and think that one or two extra rooms are unnecessary.

Scroll down to read about the reasons, and amuse yourself.


  • Think about your future requirements


If you are a family of three persons where you have a kid too, think about your future needs before you book a 2BHK apartment. 

The simple reason behind this is, your kid will not remain a tot in the coming few years. She will need a separate room for herself for studying.  

Hence, your 2BHK room that appears quite spacious today will not be able to accommodate the needs for growing kid in next few years, and would compel you to think of buying another new home.  This means another investment.

Why make repeated investments? Think deeper and buy a 3BHK apartment today.


  • Promises better returns


When you invest in a 3BHK apartment today, it might appear to you that you have to pay more price than your expectations.

But you need to consider the long term benefits of this investment. If you think of selling off the home five years down the line, you will make at least ten times more gains as compared to the additional investment that you have made on a 3BHK flat today.

As you know, property prices skyrocket every year. So, just think about your future gains and your process of decision making will be easier.


  • Prices are not remarkably high


If you think of buying a 2BHK flat and your real estate agent offers you a 3BHK home, you would probably tend to turn down the offer thinking that it is beyond your affordability.

But we would ask you to hold on and make comparison between the prices of a 2BHK and 3BHK apartment.  Believe us, you will not find much difference.

But when you think of buying a 3BHK flat later on, the investment that you will have to make will be quite hefty.

So, is it not wiser to invest some more and secure your future?


  • Provision for guests


Guests keep on visiting us every now and then.  You might also have guests coming in during occasions, festivals and weekends as well.

If you have a home with only two bedrooms in which one belongs to your kids and the other one is your personal bedroom, it will be difficult to ask your guests to stay overnight.

Eventually, you will also end up sounding quite unwelcoming, and lose your friends too in the process.

But that extra room in your 3BHK apartment will serve as your saviour if situations like these arise.


So, think twice before finalising on your property investment decision.

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