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Relocating to a new home brings with it a range of responsibilities. You have to check and confirm that you have carried along with you all your essentials to this new home safely. You have to ensure that the each of the rooms are well decorated too.

In context of home decoration, we shall share some tips here. These will come in handy to live your bedroom a new appeal and comply well with your new home Which is the ultra-luxury flat in Noida. So, read ahead.

  • Create your palette

The first thing that goes in the process of home decoration is wall colour. You have to select the right tone for your bedroom that harmonizes with your taste, personality as well as the dimension of the room.

We recommend few colors for your bedroom that can be helpful for you. In case you want a calm and serene ambience in your bedroom, choose subtle and cool tones of pastel lavender, green and purple.

If you wish to capture that cosy and romantic ambience in this private corner of your property then you need to play with different shades of blue.

  • Pay attention to the celling

The ceiling in your bedroom demands as much attention as the other four walls of the bedroom. You will be surprised to know that the appeal of the ceiling can change the look of your entire living space.

We recommend that you go for painted ceiling in your bedroom instead of keeping it plain white. For your ceilings, choose a shade lighter than that of the rest of the walls of the room.

If you are even more experimental, you can add architectural add-ons in the form of beams, false ceilings or other structural elements.

  • Encourage better mobility

When you decorate your bedroom, ensure that you have kept enough space around your bed so that there is proper mobility.  You must be able to move freely at least around the three sides of your bed.

The first strategy for encouraging this mobility is to ensure that you keep the furniture of this room to bare minimum. There should not be any furniture in this room which you either use sparingly or do not use at all. Preferably, your bedroom must contain a bed, beside table a wall cabinet, a dressing unit and a chair at the most.

Moreover, as your intention would be to opt for maximum utilization of space in your bedroom so go for furniture and fixtures that encourage vertical utilization of space.

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