Roberto Mancini introduces the Bell & Ross Replica Watches Automatic Flyback Chronograph

Roberto Mancini introduces the Bell & Ross Replica Watches Automatic Flyback Chronograph

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Bell & Ross Replica Watches is the best when it comes to bravura displays technical and material virtuosity, paired with an equally exceptional network of ambassadors and partners. The bold, brash tonneaus of the racer-turned-watchmaker's designs are synonymous with a level of confident exceptionalism, regardless of whether it's worn on a track, field or stage.

Roberto Mancini is an Italian legend football player and manager. Bell & Ross Replica Watches has been with Roberto Mancini since 2013. The RM 11-01 Roberto Mancini was released in 2013. It is a titanium- or gold-cased watch that offers a unique take on a flyback chronograph. This watch has a direct countdown display and can be used to show two 45-minute halves. There are also 15 minutes of stoppage time, plus extra time if necessary.

Roberto Mancini

Seven years later, a lot has happened. Roberto Mancini is no more the successful manager for Manchester City. Roberto Mancini is no longer the successful manager of Manchester City. A new watch is available to help him meet this challenge.Patek Philippe Replica Watches Roberto Mancini's Bell & Ross Replica Watches RM 11-04 Automatic Flyback Chronograph Roberto Mancini continues to build on the RM 11-01's foundations. It features the same 45-minute interval countdown and timer flyback functionality but has an updated aesthetic.

This case measures 44.5mm x 49.94mmx 16.5mm and is made from Bell & Ross Replica Watches’s unique Carbon TPT. The Carbon TPT components are selected for their extreme durability, lightness, and shock protection. They consist of more than 600 layers of finely laminated layers with a maximum thickness exceeding 30 microns.Rolex Cellini Replica All layers are secured with 20 titanium spline screws of grade 5. The technical benefits of high-tech material are not the only reason to use it. The brand's trademark crenellated tonneau silhouette also features subtle black carbon layers. You have a truly unique case!

However, the high tech does not end with the case. In addition to the flyback chronograph functionality, the Calibre RMAC3 is made of skeletonised titanium. It also has a variety of other remarkable specifications. A large date display, an annual calendar complication, and a free sprung, variable-inertia balance are some of the other impressive features.Replica Watches From two barrels, the movement can provide 55 hours of power reserve (or 45 if the chrono is not running). The variable geometry of this Bell & Ross Replica Watches rotor allows for the adjustment of winding speed. The white gold weight can be placed anywhere from one to six positions depending on the wearer's activity level. This ensures maximum winding efficiency.

The Roberto Mancini RM 11-04 Automatic Flyback Chronograph Roberto Mancini is a remarkable tribute to Bell & Ross Replica Watches's legacy with its distinctive style and modern materials.

Technical Specifications


Calibre RMAC3 grade 5 titanium with flyback Chronograph; Annual Calendar; Large Date; 55-hour Power Reserve.


44.5mm x 49.94mm x 16.5mm in Carbon TPT.


Blue rubber with titanium folding clasp